DM Court Case Orders

East Champaran, Motihari 

Date of Order Case Details Case No. Description
22-11-2013 सुभास कुमार प्रो0 मे0 राहुल राईस मिल बनाम राज्य सरकार एवं अन्य MISC-76/2013-14 Download
22-11-2013 मे0 सरस्वती रईस मिल बनाम राज्य सरकार एवं अन्य MISC-72/2013-14 Download
22-11-2013 अशोक कुमार सिंह प्रो0 मे0 रामकी राईस मिल बनाम राज्य सरकार एवं अन्य MISC-71/2013-14 Download
19-11-2013 राज्य बनाम सीताराम चौधरी Supply-49/2012 Download
19-11-2013 पुन्यदेव प्रसाद यादव बनाम राज्य Supply-37/2012 Download
19-11-2013 राज्य बनाम भोला कुमार एवं अन्य Supply-33/2012 Download
19-11-2013 राज्य बनाम मुन्ना कुमार Supply-32/2012 Download
19-11-2013 राज्य बनाम रामायोध्या साह Supply-04/2012 Download
14-11-2013 अवधेश राम बनाम रामपुकार राम विकास, मित्र MISC-57-02/2012 Download
02-11-2013 Jakir Hussain versus Most. Bhuan Khatoon RA-10/2011 Download
02-11-2013 State verusus Rupesh Kumar MISC-57/2011 Download
02-11-2013 Mazahar Alam versus Devdhari Mahato MISC-37/2013 Download
22-10-2013 State Bank of India,Ramgharwa versus Narad Yadav RA-07/2000-01 Download
22-10-2013 Circle Officer Chhauradano versus Dhrub Narayan Prasad RA-01/04-05 Download
15-10-2013 Anita Devi Versus District Programme Officer MISC-19/2010 Download
28-09-2013 Bishwanath Jha Versus State and Others RA-01/13-14 Download
28-09-2013 Nurul Hoda versus Inar Mahto MISC-52/2013 Download
28-09-2013 Swember Panday versus State MISC-60/2013 Download
24-09-2013 Motima Khatoon Vesus State MISC-51-2011 Download
21-09-2013 Punayadev Panday versus State and others MISC-77/2013 Download
21-09-2013 Rajmanti Devi versus State MISC-51/2013 Download
21-09-2013 Vishal Kumar Sahu Versus State MISC-48/2013 Download
10-09-2013 Pawan Kumar Singh versus Vijay Bahadur Singh MISC-22/2009 Download
10-09-2013 Central Co-operative Bank,Motihari versus Nandlal Singh R.A.-24/1998-99 Download
06-05-2013 State Ver. Chandrika Sah Confiscation : 41/2012 Download
06-05-2013 Motirani Kumari alias Sugita Devi Ver. State Aganwadi : 200/2012 Download
13-05-2013 Urmila Devi Ver. State and others Aganwadi : 69/2012 Download
06-05-2013 Ranju Devi Ver. District Programme Officer Aganwadi : 01/2013 Download
29-04-2013 Renu Kumari Ver. State Aganwadi : 14/2012 Download
25-04-2013 Ragini Devi Ver. State Aganwadi : 25/2012 Download
20-04-2013 Bebi Kumari Ver. Savita Singh and others Aganwadi : 30/2007 Download
11-05-2013 Jitender Kumar Ver. State Aapurti     : 01/2012 Download
27-07-2013 Ajit Tiwari Ver. State and others Aapurti   : 03/2007 Download
27-07-2013 Upendra Ram Ver. State and Others Aapurti   : 05/2011 Download
07-08-2012 Om Prakash Singh Aapurti   : 06/11 Download
07-09-2012 Mokhtar Singh Aapurti   : 07/11 Download
08-06-2012 Mahendra Prasad Aapurti   : 08/11 Download
07-08-2012 Motilal Ram Aapurti   : 10/11 Download
29-10-2012 Gopal Choudhary Ver. State Aapurti   : 12/11 Download
27-07-2013 Shambhu Ojha Ver. State and Others Aapurti   : 13/1999 Download
13-05-2013 Sinhasan Rai Ver. State and others Aapurti  : 16/2012 Download
07-08-2013 Mohd. Kaum Aapurti   : 19/11 Download
06-07-2013 Md. Aslam Ver. State and others Aapurti : 23/2012 Download
12-11-2013 Subhash Dubey Aapurti   : 46/11 Download
20-07-2013 Dilip Kumar Yadav Ver. State and others Aapurti : 46/2012 Download
20-07-2013 Ram Sinhasan Pd Yadav Ver. State and others Aapurti : 47/2012 Download
12-11-2012 Bhushan Kumar Singh Aapurti   : 48/11 Download
06-07-2013 Sharda Nand Upadhyay Ver. State and others Aapurti : 49/2011 Download
11-05-2013 Vishwanath Prasad Yadav Ver. State and others Aapurti-53/2012,54/2012, 55/2012,56/2012 Download
06-05-2013 Mahendra Sah Ver. State Aapurti-110/2010 Download
29-04-2013 Akhilesh Ram Ver. State Aapurti-05/2013 Download
02-05-2013 Ranjan Kumar Sinha and others Ver. State Encroachment-56/2011-12 Download
20-04-2013 Chandra Kishore Pandey Ver. State Encroachment-30/2012 Download
11-05-2013 Ramadhar Prasad Yadav and others Ver. Harendra Prasad Srivastava Encroachment-103/2012 Download
11-05-2013 Tanvir Jauhar Ver. State and others Encroachment-09/2013 Download
11-05-2013 Lakhan Sahani and others Ver. State and others Encroachment -File no-2-362/2012 Download
13-05-2013 Hemanti Devi Ver. Arun Singh Registration-43/2003 Download

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